Editorial: Help keep fire hydrants clear

Published 9:44 am Wednesday, January 6, 2016


When you’re out shoveling your sidewalks this winter after each snowstorm, we urge residents across the city to take a few extra minutes to shovel out the fire hydrants in front of their homes.

When snow covers hydrants, it becomes more difficult for firefighters to find the hydrants in the event of a fire.

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If hydrants are covered, firefighters have to take extra time to find and then shovel out the nearest hydrant — precious seconds that could be spent getting a fire under control.

According to the State Fire Marshal’s Office, fires double in size every minute.

Remember, every second counts.

The Albert Lea Fire Department asks residents to help with hydrants near homes. For areas where there are no residences nearby, fire and street department employees will clean them out as the need arises.

Help make it as easy as you can for them in the case of an emergency.