Editorial: Thanks for supporters of NIE program

Published 9:42 am Thursday, January 21, 2016

It has been touching in the last few weeks to see two people in the community who have donated more than two months of newspapers each to the Newspapers in Education program. These people are leaving the area to go to places with warmer weather for the winter.

Instead of putting their subscription on hold while away or having the newspapers sent to a different location, the people are donating them to this valuable program.

Newspapers in Education provides newspapers for teachers who wish to incorporate them as a learning tool in their classrooms. The goal is to encourage literacy, broaden a student’s community awareness and equip teachers with a powerful tool for learning.

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The program is great for youth and teachers alike and makes it so any teacher who wishes to have newspapers for their classroom can have them.

We thank all of the people and businesses who donate to this program.

Any teachers interested in starting the program should call Circulation Manager Melissa Goodwin at 379-3421. People can also reach Goodwin if they would like to donate.

Thank you for supporting this program.