Marketing Plant founders to speak at event

Published 9:41 am Thursday, January 21, 2016

What’s your story? by Mariah Lynne and Abby Murray

The founders of The Marketing Plant will be the featured speakers at the monthly ALEAP meeting that starts at 6 p.m. today at 137 S. Broadway.

Abby Murray and Mariah Lynne are co-founders of The Marketing Plant. Their company began as an inbound marketing operation in April 2013 and morphed into a full service marketing shop complete with a brick/mortar building in beautiful downtown Albert Lea in 2015.

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We firmly believe that no business is too small to compete.  We help companies build a healthy team, work in a healthy environment, and maintain a healthy brand identity.

Mariah Lynne

Mariah Lynne

Today, our (small but mighty) boutique agency is made up of three divisions to assist small- to mid-size businesses look good from the inside out: inbound marketing, commercial design and corporate consulting. We have six full-time team members and one part-time team member, up from just the two of us in June 2015. We also run The Outlet, a collaborative workspace and conference/event rental space, on the main level of our building at 137 S. Broadway.

We are committed to the growth of our community and the creation of new opportunities for future generations in the area. We support local small to mid-size companies in their battle to gain market share and grow in presence, revenue and employee count.

What advice would you give to your younger self five years ago? 

Abby: Don’t let the fear of failure cripple your chance at success.

Mariah: Go on a nice, long vacation; it will be awhile before you’ll get the chance to do that again.


How do you see the next two or three years playing out for TMP? 

Abby: I see us doubling our marketing division and growing our consulting and design divisions substantially. I also envision getting more sleep (more toward three years than


Abby Murray

Abby Murray

Mariah: Three years from now I see TMP hitting stride in our long-term growth goals. I see 10 to 15 additional full-time jobs at TMP three years from now and 10 to 15 additional local full- or part-time jobs created by the growth of our local clients.


Mariah Lynne and Abby Murray are the co-founders of The Marketing Plant.