Minn. Lottery breaking its ticket sales records

Published 9:53 am Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ROSEVILLE — As Minnesota lottery players shatter past sales records, the people who run Powerball in the state are urging restraint.

The Minnesota Lottery said Monday it will air radio spots that remind people to play within their budgets and not get carried away as they eye the $1.4 billion estimated jackpot. The message will say, “Please remember, it’s just a game.”

Lottery officials said they’ll also stress the message on social media, the entity’s website and electronic billboards.

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Ticket sales prior to Saturday’s drawing exceeded $13.1 million, well above the $10.8 million in sales for a November 2012 drawing where the jackpot had swelled.

Since early November, the $30 million in ticket sales in Minnesota has meant about $12 million in profits for the state’s general and dedicated environment accounts.

Officials have said the $1.4 billion estimated jackpot could grow even more before Wednesday’s drawing if ticket sales remain intense.