Trump’s impulse is to attack

Published 9:29 am Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Have you heard what is Trump’s latest one liner. He says he could go out and shoot someone and he wouldn’t lose a vote. Can you believe an arrogant buffoon like this has so many supporters? What is on their minds? I can’t believe that when they get to the voting booth they would actually vote for someone of this character.

He says after he gets elected people are going to get so bored with him getting things done. Who does he sound like?  Remember when Stephen Colbert ran for president on the Democrat ticket the last time? The Democrats realized it was a big joke. He used the same kind of one liners. The Parliament of England called Trump a big buffoon and said he wasn’t welcome on their shores.

Trump says he is going to bomb the Middle East and get those terrorists. He doesn’t realize they are all hiding in places that are full of civilians.   If he bombs them, we will be called terrorists for killing civilians — which answers the question as to why they are leaving the Middle East in droves.

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They are worried Trump or a Republican will get elected here cause that’s all they talk about in their debates. They each try to out-do the other on how tough they are going to be on those terrorists. I hope I am wrong, but Donald Trump’s type of behavior may be slowly working its way into our society as an accepted practice. There is a sucker born every minute — and those suckers vote.

Have you noticed Trump’s thin skin? He reacts violently and emotionally to even the slightest criticism or disagreement. His first impulse is to attack.

Do we want someone like that in charge of the world’s greatest military and his hand on the nuclear trigger? I think not.


Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea