Please choose candidates regardless of frustrations

Published 9:53 am Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Point of View by Jerrold Dettle

For sure! The whine of politicians, the repetitious roar of the news channels and the blowing blizzard of political lies is tempting all of us to seek shelter in 2016. Isolation from this ghastly onslaught seems like the only hope for any of us to have a peaceful life this year.

Now, here’s the really noxious news! We must honor our duty to stand and be counted as patriotic Americans this year, or the narcissism of those currently in power will certainly enslave Americans from sea to suffering sea.

Jerrold Dettle

Jerrold Dettle

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In the drudging pursuit for insight into the failed republics of history, one can always rationalize that the loss of freedom occurred because of corrupt political leaders. But ultimately the destruction of liberty and the confinement of citizens have always been committed through the willingness, concurrence or apathy of the majority of a nation’s citizens. Truthfully, the citizens are responsible for governmental enslavement.  Therefore, when we wish to malinger this year and not participate in the fight to preserve freedom, the parsimonious majority among us will carry the ultimate blame forever in the annuals of history.  “Fools destroy themselves because of their indifference,” Proverbs 1.

However, some of the uninformed may state that warning of our nation’s demise is a chimerical or unfounded fear.  However, the following is a partial list of fatal cancers, any one of which will destroy a democratically elected republic.

1. Insurmountable governmental debt: It is often reported that our nation carries an albatross of unfunded (pensions, bonds, etc.) debt that is seven times larger than daily debt.

Interestingly, a recent calculation reported that a person counting one numeral per second for 24 hours per day would take 32,000 years to reach a trillion. As daily actual U.S. government debt is now approaching $20 trillion, the repayment at one dollar per second of just the daily debt would possibly take 640,000 years. The history of the world has never recorded a national debt with this insane amount.

2. Elimination or severe reduction of the size of the middle class. Example, the currently popular idea of leveling is the written goal of Marx, Lenin and Alinsky’s socialist-styled ideologies.  The past American capitalistic ideology emphasized the growth of a large middle class to foster individual right and freedom to seek wealth.

3. Class warfare: Resentment between rich and poor that often becomes hate and evolves into violent civil outbreaks.

4. Inability of citizens to physically protect themselves from gangs, tyrants and dictators caused by abolishing individual rights to effective weapon ownership.

5. Declining educational level of the citizenry. After 150 years as the world’s best, the U.S.A is experiencing a downfall and is actually outranked by many including some third world nations.

6. Insecure borders: A review of the past will show that controlled assimilation of immigrants began thousands of years ago with the arrival of civilization.

7. The disappearance of responsible and virtuous citizenry. Now what were those 10 Commandments?

8. Private property held in large amounts by ruling central governments (current trend) and not by individual property owners.

9. Runaway inflation. Scores of democracies have been destroyed in the last 100 years with this fatal illness.

10. A national military/security force that cannot repel all threats.

Please serve your nation this year by following and choosing candidates regardless of any current frustration or lack of interest in politics.

Here is a closing parable by a teacher that is worthy of thought at this time by all Americans.  Mr. W asks Mr. X, “What is the difference in the definition of the words “ignorance” and “apathy”?  Mr. X replies, “I don’t know and I don’t care.”


Jerrold Dettle is a member of the Freeborn County Republican Party.