Editorial: Thumbs

Published 2:35 pm Saturday, March 5, 2016

Editorial: Thumbs

To city and county officials lobbying at the state level for area issues and projects.thumb.up

Thank you to our local officials who will travel up to the Capitol March 16 to meet with local and other legislators about issues important to our area. March 16 is Legislative Action Day, and our city leaders are organizing their approach to educating legislators about two possible local bonding projects.

The first project is for funding to develop the Blazing Star Landing, and the second is for money to connect water and sewer lines to the Stables area.

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We appreciate all the time and energy that will be used to promote these projects, and we hope all of that hard work pays off.


To the spring weather in the forecast.thumb.up

We know it is only early March in Minnesota — and we will likely have more winter weather this month — but we are excited nonetheless to see forecasts in the 50s for multiple days next week. Though rain is expected a few of those days, there are a few days that should be sunny. Go outside and get some fresh air or go for a walk. Not too much longer, and it will be spring.


To the incorporation of technology into teaching in the Albert Lea school district.thumb.up

Children these days love technology, so it seems only fitting that the Albert Lea school district is incorporating more and more technology into the classroom.

Whether it’s Chromebooks, iPads, iPods or other programs, this technology is helping students in their writing, reading, math and resesarch.

Some of the technology even allows parents to more easily get involved in their child’s learning and see teacher feedback, as well. We hope the district only continues to expand its technology in future years.