Is Trump really someone you’d want as president?

Published 9:14 am Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I don’t like politicians, let’s start with that. Right now I can’t understand why Donald Trump has people falling at his feet, doing his bidding and waiting to vote for him. When he said he wanted illegal immigrants out, I agreed with him. Then his mouth took over. He says what people want to hear, and people are fawning all over him, a man who is a petulant child. Things don’t go his way, he starts calling people names.  If he doesn’t like a woman, he calls her names. He has made fun of handicapped people. He says if he hadn’t brought up illegal immigration, nobody would be talking about it. Is he kidding? How egotistical that he thinks dealing with illegal immigrants is an idea he came up with. He’s not the first one in history to bring up the subject during an election year and won’t be the last.

In a debate he complained when someone talked over him when it was his turn to speak, yet he does the same exact thing over and over. He complains that the boos are coming from the crowd made up of supporters and lobbyists for the other candidates and that he has no one there for him. Has he proven that? No, because he knows it’s not true, he just can’t admit he said something so ridiculous that people are actually booing him. He couldn’t give a speech without swearing. Really, is that what you want in a president? When someone speaks up against him in the crowd, he starts calling them names. I guess freedom of speech means nothing to him. Now, imagine that was a friendly country’s leader he was talking about.

He keeps coming up with ideas to fix things, but he never says how he’s going to do it. I can come up with great ideas, too, so what. If you don’t have a way to fix them, all you have are political promises. I’m still waiting to hear how he’s going to make Mexico pay for a wall. This man has said he could shoot a person on a street in New York and people would still vote for him. Really? He brought in workers from outside the country to build his buildings and work in his properties in Florida instead of hiring Americans.

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What is it going to take for Americans to see this man will do more harm to this country than good? He has spent his life buying politicians for his own selfish purposes. He’s like a cult leader, and no matter what he says or does his little minions will follow. This grown child is not somebody I want as president of this country. I’d rather write my dog’s name in than vote for him. I don’t like the other two leading candidates either, so I’m stuck this time, but I will vote for someone, even if it’s a write-in vote. God bless America and help us make a wise decision.


Kathy Diaz

Albert Lea