People must take the politics back

Published 9:31 am Wednesday, March 2, 2016

President Obama brought us from the brink of a billionaire class-cultured economic disaster. He’s initiated a more sensible approach to our challenges in international affairs and home security, along with gains in health care and civil rights. The strategy of the Republicans is trying to turn people off to politics, generally, and pandering to the most reactionary and bigoted (Trump, Cruz). They are desperate to keep from self-destructing. In this context there is opportunity to not only defend and incrementally press toward further reforms, but to seize the moment, recover our democracy and initiate a great leap forward.

Sanders tells the truth — oligarchy is the problem — it’s the people who must take politics back. He offers to be that agency to facilitate this movement. He displays a humbler and more honest presence that people appreciate. Hillary is also progressive and experienced in her way, but she is asking people to help her fight “for them,” in that she knows how the system works. However, this does not adequately grow the necessary movement and popular base to challenge Republicans at all levels — local, state and federal — that is required to make real progress. A populist moment is more about redefining our community, our nation — about the vision — and less about experienced management. First, we must decide the nature of the society we want to manage and in the fullest democratic way.


Mike Kelly

Albert Lea