Don’t screw it up this time around

Published 9:45 am Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I reluctantly assault organized religion, believing that churches have abdicated their responsibility at a time of environmental crisis. We can deny crises, ignore them or mobilize the troops. Some churches are in denial while others give vague comments about stewardship of the planet. Even Pope Francis will not name the devil that is destroying our planet when so many of his parishioners profit from or are reliant upon that system. Where are the troops? In our Judeo-Christian oriented society, they are members of or aligned with the churches, in Islam the mosques. I hope to rally the troops.

Early church leaders faced with the tedious job of building a congregation by nurturing people’s genius and human decency impatiently adopted a marketing strategy based on fantasy and fables. Bemused, we accept the voodoo economics, invisible hands and a savior who knows when a sparrow falls! Pacified, we fail to recognize that our churches have wasted 2,000 years trying to integrate Christian ideals with a socio-economic system that is homicidal and suicidal. That system offers private charity to marginalized peoples dying of their collateral damage, suicidal because of resource depletion and damage to the planet. Its justification is that it provides self-indulgence for a few while demeaning the lives of employees who are often required to check their morals upon entering their workplace.

Troops! Let’s mobilize! Our oath: The Golden Rule. Our flag: the planet as viewed from outer space. Our training manual: David Korten’s assault on globalization, “When Corporations Rule the World,” a must read. Our weapons: reason and the tools of our technological society. Our strategy: Build on man’s strengths instead of pandering his weaknesses. We must prevent stateless multi-national corporations from usurping state powers.

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We will know we have won when we have created new institutions and standards generally agreed to lead toward a sustainable, peaceful society. We better not screw it up this time!


John Gibson