Editorial: New site brings modern, yet traditional feel

Published 9:29 am Monday, May 23, 2016


By now, you may have noticed the Albert Lea Tribune launched a new website last week. The site, which went live Friday, exemplifies our aim to be more modern, yet at the same time traditional and trusthworthy.

With so many ways to get news, we hope you will rely on us as a trusted source. That is always our top goal.

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We hope you enjoy the changes, and we believe this site will be more user friendly.

In addition to the overall new look, some of the big changes on the site include the following:

• On the home page, four main stories are showcased with photos instead of one. As you hover over the top story thumbnails the photos appear larger.

• The items in the toolbar across the top of the page under Albert Lea Tribune include dropdown menus with additional tools for users.

We ask for your patience in the coming weeks, as a few details on the site are ironed out.

As in the past, the site will continue to have questions for readers to answer before they view a story. These questions help pay for the site and are in lieu of an online subscription.

If you have any problems navigating the site, please feel free to contact us. Managing Editor Sarah Stultz can be reached at 379-3433.