Guest Column: 4-H has history — locally, regionally, nationally

Published 9:00 am Sunday, May 29, 2016

Guest Column by Amy Wadding

Amy Wadding is a 4-H program coordinator with the Freeborn County Extension Office.

4-H has history!

Amy Wadding

Amy Wadding

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4-H was formed nationwide in the late 1890s to early 1900s. 4-H has been a part of Minnesota since 1902 and has been around in Freeborn County since 1922. That makes Freeborn County 4-H 94 years old in 2016. We have been keeping a database that was compiled a few years ago of all of the clubs in Freeborn County since the beginning. If you have any memorabilia that you would like our office to have or any knowledge to help complete our list, we would appreciate those items being shared with us.  Below is what we know:


Current clubs and when they started:

Alden, Sept. 1926

Conger, 1939

Hartland, 1930

Hayward, 1924

Mansfield, 1938

Moscow, 1954

Myrtle, 1924

Nunda, 1939

Oakland, 1922

Riceland, 1930

New Shellrock, 1997

Twin Lakes, 1951


Clubs that are no longer active and dates of service,
if known:

Albert Lea, 1926 to Nov. 2013

Bancroft, Oct. 1946 to 2010

Bath, 1926 to date unknown

Bath-Geneva, date unknown to Dec. 2013

Clarks Grove, 1968 to date unknown

Crossroads, Nov. 4, 1971 to date unknown

Fairfield, 1925 to date unknown

Four Lakes, 1942 to date unknown

Freeborn, 1928 to Nov. 2013

Glenville, dates unknown

Golden Oaks, dates unknown

Gordonsville, dates unknown

Hollandale, 1959 to date unknown

Itasca, dates unknown

Lucky Clover, 1965 to date unknown

Manchester, date unknown

Murtaugh, 1955 to date unknown

Newry, 1943 to date unknown

Pickerel Lake, 1934 to date unknown

Old Shellrock, 1941 to date unknown

Willing Workers, Oct. 1992 to Oct. 2012


“The present defines the future. The future builds on the foundation of the past.” — Lailah Gifty Akita 

I am willing to say that Freeborn County’s future is pretty promising based on our successful past. If you have information to share or would like additional information about 4-H, contact the Freeborn County Extension Office at 507-377-5660.