Innovance acquires Mass Finishing, Inc.

Published 9:56 am Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Innovance, the parent company of Lou-Rich and Almco, recently announced that on Thursday it successfully completed the acquisition of Mass Finishing, Inc., a privately-held company located in Howard Lake. As leaders in their respective fields, these companies bring together over 375 management, sales, engineering, support, and production employees with operations now based in Albert Lea, Hayward and Howard Lake.

Mass Finishing is a leading supplier of industrial polishing and deburring machines, media, compound, supplies and services. It sells equipment to many market segments, including aerospace, automotive, medical, firearms and other industrials.

“We are very excited about acquiring Mass Finishing, as it brings new dimensions to our current product and service offerings, and we have acquired a very talented and experienced workforce,” Mike Larson, president and CEO of Innovance, said. “This move adds high energy centrifugal barrel finishing systems to our product line-up, which complements our Almco vibratory finishing systems. In addition, it expands our distribution network, and fits nicely within our overall manufacturing capabilities.”

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“We are very impressed by Mass Finishing’s position in the marketplace,” Larson continued. “They are well known for high quality and superior performance in the high energy finishing industry. Over the years, Mike Mathisen and Tom Mathisen, previous MFI owners, have done an outstanding job satisfying customers’ needs and growing their business.”

According to a press release, Mike Mathisen and Tom Mathisen will continue to lead Mass Finishing as part of the executive team. They will oversee MFI’s marketing, sales, engineering, and manufacturing operations.

“With the acquisition of Mass Finishing, the combined operations become a world leader in the parts finishing and cleaning equipment industry,” Larson said.

“I started out by operating the mass finishing division at Timesavers, Inc. in 1987,” Tommy Mathisen said. “In 1995, without any knowledge on running a business, my brother Mike and I bought MFI. We worked ambitiously and turned MFI into a profitable and reliable company. Now it’s time to take another step and have a company that is a known leader in the industry take MFI to the next level. We look forward to working with Innovance/Lou Rich/Almco; their experience in sales, service and marketing will make MFI even stronger in the mass finishing industry.”