Conservatives afraid to stand up

Published 9:53 am Thursday, June 30, 2016

The world is in turmoil. We are witnessing a clash of cultures of epic proportions. This conflict has been building for more than a thousand years.  The goal of Islam is world domination. The Koran instructs Muslims “to kill the infidel.” As a democratic Christian nation, America is considered the worst of the infidels and must be destroyed.

With the current influx of Muslims many of the European countries will have a Muslim majorities within 20 years, many will likely be governed under Muslim law in the future. Currently there are Muslim enclaves in European countries that function totally under Shira law. Europe as we know could be lost.

Many say, “This is America it can’t happen here.” The fact is that it already is happening here. Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the world. The western world is losing in every quarter. As a Christian nation, we must stand up and demand action. I am sick to death of our leaders taking the easy politically correct position. We fought radical Islam in Afghanistan and Iraq but our rules of engagement did not allow our service men and women to do their job. The blood of our service men and women was shed for naught.

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I find the liberal position on Christianity offensive. Liberals are doing everything possible to minimize Christianity, removing it totally from the public sector, while yielding to Muslim demands.

I support Donald Trump’s position to put a temporary halt to all Muslim immigrants until we can find a way to determine the level of threat they pose our country.

However, I would go much farther and formally declare war against radical Islam. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor they killed about 3,000 service personnel. Radical Islam has killed well over 3,000 civilians in this country and that does not count service personal killed while stationed overseas.

I would cancel all visas of those traveling to or studying in this country from Muslim countries where terrorism is condoned or financially supported. I would stop all financial aid to countries that officially or covertly support radical Islam.

Any American citizen caught fighting for ISIS would automatically lose their citizenship and not be allowed to return. I would cut off all trade including the purchase of oil from these same countries. This would include Saudi Arabia, who while pretending to be our ally has been supporting radical Islam for decades.

I am not anti-Muslim, but until the moderate Muslim is willing to stand up and join the fight against radical Islam, all Muslims must be viewed with suspicion. Currently I see no Muslim group in the world standing in opposition to the savage actions of radical Muslims.

The liberals are welcoming Muslim emigrants with open arms. Hillary proposes greatly increasing the number of Muslim refugees. The conservatives are afraid to stand up against the growing invasion, political correctness.

Appeasement is not possible with the radical Muslim. They are willing to die for their beliefs. Are you?


Don Sorensen

Albert Lea