It’s time for some changes to sex offender program

Published 9:29 am Friday, June 17, 2016

Once again, Minnesota Department of Corrections has announced the release of a Level 3 sex offender (the most likely to re-offend) into Freeborn County — because he finished his prison sentence for the second time for criminal sexual conduct.

Meanwhile, nearly 400 Level 2 sex offenders (least likely to reoffend according to the DOC) remain locked up in the Minnesota Sex Offender Program after completing their prison sentences but civilly committed by the courts and due to the so-called Minnesota Department of Human Services.

The chief clinical employee of MSOP, Moose Lake, was heard saying, “the clients (inmates) are not here for the purpose of treatment but for the purpose of keeping society safe. MSOP program is to stop recidivism.”It’s nearly a year since Judge Frank ruled MSOP is unconstitutional and violates the fundamental rights of these people.

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It’s time to get something going.


Pearl Nelson