Minnesota state trooper charged with a DWI

Published 2:01 pm Saturday, June 4, 2016

By Tim Nelson, Minnesota Public Radio News

A state trooper once recognized as one of the top DWI enforcers in the state has himself been charged with DWI.

Fridley police arrested Christopher Daas for driving while impaired on Thursday after a report of an erratic driver. He has since been charged, authorities said.

Christopher Daas

Christopher Daas

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Police were called at just after 3 a.m. early Thursday morning when a resident saw a pickup truck hit multiple signs, veer onto a median and get stuck, according to the criminal complaint.

Daas got out of the vehicle and walked toward the officers, telling him he had “too much” to drink, the complaint said. Investigators say he refused to take a breath test.

A trooper since 2004, Daas was recognized seven years ago for making more than 100 DWI arrests in 2008.

Patrol chief Matt Langer called Daas’ arrest disturbing and said it didn’t reflect the values of the State Patrol.

Daas has been placed on investigatory leave and will be subject to an internal investigation, plus the criminal charges.