Shame on the Supreme Court

Published 9:28 am Wednesday, June 29, 2016

By a vote of 5-3, the U.S. Supreme Court struck provisions of a Texas law requiring abortion clinics to meet the same standards as ambulatory surgical centers and requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital in case of medical emergencies.

“How shabby are these abortion clinics that they cannot meet the minimum standards other outpatient surgical centers are required to meet, and just how bad are these abortionists that they can’t get admitting privileges at a local hospital?,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “As we saw with Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia, it’s clear that the lucrative abortion industry is not able or willing to police itself and allows filthy, deplorable conditions to go unchecked.”

President Obama was pleased with the ruling, saying, “These restrictions harm women’s health and place an obstacle in the path of a woman’s reproductive freedom.” Hillary Clinton, likewise praised the ruling, saying, “SCOTUS’s decision is a victory for women in Texas and across America.  Safe abortion should be a right — not just on paper, but in reality.”

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Do you want reality Mrs. Clinton? You and the president talk about women’s health and safety, yet you are perfectly fine with them having a surgical procedure done in places that cannot meet the minimum standards other outpatient surgical centers are required to meet? How pathetic. This is a  victory for women? Really?

The abortion industry is a filthy, rotten business that has continually hid behind the lies, lawyers and blood money of organizations like Planned Parenthood. It kills unborn babies for profit and harms women both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Recently, they have also been exposed for the selling of aborted babies body parts. With this decision, the SCOTUS has acted as if they were the country’s ex-officio medical board, deciding they know better than representatives duly elected by the people of Texas. Shame on them.


Scott Bute