Nugent wrong for the fair

Published 9:12 am Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Have you been following Nugent’s Facebook page? I’ll assume so, since the Tribune is such a champion of his First Amendment rights. So, did you see these passages?

“Trayvon Brown Grey et al got xactly what they deserved. Clean shoots. simple self defense against attacking murderous thugs. next.”

Would the Tribune editorial board stand behind their initial response if Nugent were tweeting #blacklivesmatter?

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“Hillary is a criminal power abusing scam devil leading soulless mindless sheep to slaughter! It is every good Americans job1 to xpose this evil b—-!”

What if Mr. Nugent were saying Trump supporters were mindless sheep and implying Republicans were not good Americans?

“If you pay proper attention to the groove (at his concerts), your spirit will become fully erect and life will immediately make more sense. Then you will vote Trump in November and make America great again, not to be confused with making America weaker and more criminal with the Hillary gang.”

Suppose he basically touts his concerts as campaign rallies for Hillary?

Still feeling good about your editorial telling those of us who are not comfortable inviting  a racist misogynist to our county’s family fair to just stay home (and ironically to not exercise our own First Amendment rights)? Ted Nugent is afforded his right to free speech, but his brand of rhetoric has no place at a family event.

Freeborn County deserves better. From their fair board and from their newspaper.


Amanda Lester

Albert Lea