What is Senior Resources for?

Published 9:18 am Friday, July 15, 2016

I was recently asked if enough people in our community understand what Senior Resources is here for. I thought it was a notably different way to explain what our value is to the community.

All of the programs at Senior Resources provide specific tasks that a senior may not be able to now do — such as driving, mowing the yard, balancing a checkbook or caring for a loved one 24/7. What is the value of these services? Does the offering of these things, and more, make us a better community? Are seniors happier and safer because of our help? Do families function better because of the added support to their aging loved one?

I believe we do make Albert Lea a better place to live for all age groups. Our mission is to “provide opportunities that promote health and well-being.” If we help a senior stay healthy, safe and valued they will be contributing members in our community — financially and physically.

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If we can help a family by easing the burden of care for a loved one the entire family benefits.

And through our inter-generational projects we teach the young to value everyone in the community.

Senior Resources is proud to be a contributing force in Albert Lea. We are partners with others who value our community and are working hard to make it a great place to live. Our new location is a testimony of the spirit of collaboration evident all over Albert Lea. I encourage everyone to be a part of the action. Get involved. What are you here for?


Annette Petersen

executive director, Senior Resources

Albert Lea