A few clarifications on Nugent article

Published 10:48 am Friday, August 5, 2016

In “Tensions rise over performer” published by the Albert Lea Tribune on Wednesday, it was reported that I had said a few things I feel the need to clarify.

First, I am fully aware that tax money does not go into funding performers at the Freeborn County Fair. But, as a member of this community, each time we attend the fair we (the public) fund the performers. Thus, it is my choice, and the choice of many of your neighbors, to refrain from attending our fair and instead attend a concert with local artists who value civility.

Second, I stressed during my interview with the Albert Lea Tribune how this was an opportunity for dialogue between the folks of Freeborn County. While we all share similar geography, we come from different backgrounds and various experiences. Perhaps we could take this moment to try to understand one another more fully free of personal attacks.

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Finally, I shared that because this is a particularly tense election cycle. It is my opinion that our community leaders, which includes our fair board, have a responsibility to do whatever they can and whenever they can to bring people together rather than dividing us further. Inviting a performer to our fair who has a history of comments that do not jibe with our county’s Choose Civility Campaign or the fair board’s own mission statement does not build a stronger Freeborn County.


Amanda Lester

Albert Lea