Vote to keep Rep. Bennett in House

Published 9:21 am Thursday, August 18, 2016

We are hearing about a do-nothing session this year in the Minnesota Legislature. Truth is, a budget bill was passed and Democrats used a drafting error as an excuse to back out of the bill and get more taxes and spending. These mistakes have been fixed with a simple memo signed by the tax committee chairs in the House and Senate stating what the bill was meant to say. The bonding bill was agreed on by the House then passed on to the Democrat-dominated Senate, where they added a last-minute amendment to add light rail costs to the bill. They thought Republicans would fold and agree to the higher taxes and spending to keep from being blamed by the press for not having a bill. Republicans stood their ground; they had negotiated in good faith only to have Democrats change their minds at the last minute. Without Peggy Bennett and Republicans in the House, the tax-and-spend Democrats would have bloated the bonding bill to buy votes at the expense of our grandkids. Let’s vote to keep Peggy Bennett and her “People before politics policies” working for us in the House.


John Forman

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Albert Lea