What are the real differences?

Published 9:26 am Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The conventions are over. We now know each candidate’s position. The difference between two candidates has never been more stark.

Hillary came down firmly on the side of bigger government, following the Obama doctrine of a low profile in international affairs; more and bigger social programs; more regulations; more taxes, (individual and corporate); strict gun control (favors the Australian model of gun control, look it up); much, much higher energy costs, (you didn’t think her vision of clean energy will be free did you?); expanding Obamacare; expanding the federal government’s role in education; free higher education to select groups; and little mention of ISIS or radical Islam; expanding immigration (including from war-torn Arab countries); did not mention curtailing illegal immigration, amnesty for illegal aliens, did not mention deporting aliens involved in criminal activities, continuing the government’s role of limiting the role of Christianity in the public sector; encouraging the teaching of Islam in our schools and favoring unlimited abortion. Hillary will appoint left leaning advocates to the Supreme Court.

By her very history, her administration will be staffed by long-term political insiders and cronies, cloaked in secrecy, and face constant charges of corruption and favoritism. History tells us that she will provide little access to the media.

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Trump favors smaller government; returning many governing responsibilities to the states; putting America first; America becoming the leader of the free world again; taking firm action against ISIS and radical Islam; more and better jobs instead of more social programs; rolling back regulations; getting government off the backs of small businesses; lower taxes (especially for the middle class and corporations); strict adherence to the Second Amendment and the Constitution; becoming energy independent by using all our resources; repealing Obamacare; closing our borders to illegal immigrants; the immediate deportation of all illegals who have been engaged in criminal activity; no immigrants from countries where ISIS operates or with radical Islamic ideologies; no amnesty for illegal aliens at this time; returning education to the states; treating all religions equally.

He is in favor of limiting abortions and will appoint conservative Constitutional advocates to the Supreme Court.

How would a Trump administration function? From his business history, Trump will recruit the very best men/women, regardless of color or gender for every position in his administration. From his history on the campaign trail, he would be very available to the media.

The fact he is obligated to no one is a key reason legislators and lobbyists from both parties fear him. He will not be committed to support their favorite projects.

Trump has a history of completing the tasks he undertakes, on time and under budget — very different from our government, where nothing is on time and everything is over budget.

There never has been such an astonishing difference between two candidates.

This election we have a real choice!

You may not like the man, but one must admire him. Trump has by far the best vision for the future of America.


Don Sorensen

Albert Lea