Couple thankful money turned in

Published 9:45 am Thursday, September 29, 2016

On a day when everything that could go wrong did, I asked my husband how his day was. Terry, who is on Medicare and Social Security, said he lost his money clip that contained over $300. He told me he had errands pretty much all over town.

When Terry had completed all his stops, he noticed the money clip missing. He said he had not noticed it before, as he did not have to pay cash at those stops. Wondering if the clip had fallen out of his pocket, he retraced his steps.

At the last stop, Terry was doubtful of finding the money clip. Checking Walmart’s parking lot, he decided to ask inside. When Terry approached the individual who had previously checked his purchases, she smiled and asked if he had forgotten anything. Terry said he lost his money clip with its cash. The clerk promptly closed down her lane and called for assistance.

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After the clerk, and others, exhausted all places the clip may have fallen, they proceeded to customer service. The money clip and it’s contents had been turned in. This letter is a heartfelt thank you to all involved. I told my husband that the Lord was certainly looking down upon him.

Again, thank you to all involved. We are truly blessed to have these unknown angels in our daily lives.

Cathy Sippel

Albert Lea