Sarah Stultz: Is your cup half empty or is it half full?

Published 10:09 am Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sarah Stultz is the managing editor of the Tribune. Her column appears every Tuesday.

The Tribune for the last week and a half has had a poll on its website that asks people a very telling question.

The question asked community members: “Do you find it easy to find positive things about the community?”

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Of the 693 voters, there were 422 voters — or 61 percent — who answered no. One hundred ninety-two people — or 28 percent — voted yes, and 79 people — or 11 percent — answered sometimes.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m the type of person in general who prefers to see the good, but I was surprised to see these results — and honestly, a little saddened.

I believe the Albert Lea community is an awesome place to live, and I am proud to say I live in this city.

A long time ago, I made an active choice that I was going to be involved in efforts that matter to me. If I am disappointed in something that is happening, I seek to help provide a solution, not grow the problem.

What do I like about Albert Lea? I will tell you about a few of my favorite things.

The beauty

Albert Lea is a beautiful city. I thought this the first time I arrived in Albert Lea and saw all of the trees, green grass and beautiful flowers throughout the community. I am proud of this and of the work that so many people do to keep it looking this way. I think we take it for granted.

Our downtown

I have always been fascinated with our downtown, and it is one of my newfound dreams to restore one of the buildings there. I have loved seeing building after building get renovated in recent years, and I look forward to seeing all of the others that have plans in the works.

The teachers

Being involved in the schools both through work and with my children, I have learned that Albert Lea has some of the best teachers around. Thank you for your dedication both in and out of the classroom and for the academic and nonacademic lessons you teach our children.

Our lakes

I am not as active as I would like to be recreating or utilizing our lakes, but I sure do love looking at them. Whether you use them for fishing, boating, waterskiing, canoeing or anything in between, they are one of our best assets in Albert Lea. I look forward to when Fountain Lake is dredged.

The people

Above all, my favorite thing about Albert Lea by far is the people.

I have never lived in a community with such caring people, and that’s something I will always love about it.

Though it has been three months since my family suffered tragedy with the loss of our daughter, the caring has not stopped. Thank you for your support and kindness. It goes a long way.