Guest Column: ‘Mid-Life’ both funny and thought-provoking

Published 9:35 am Monday, October 24, 2016

Stage Right by Jerald Kaphers

Jerald Kaphers is a retired teacher and high school principal.

On Thursday evening, I attended the opening of the local musical review: “Mid-Life: The Crisis Musical,” at the Marion Ross Performing Arts Center. It is a series of musical skits about the joys and issues of the middle years. The performance is directed by Rory Mattson, who is assisted by his son, Brian Mattson.

Jerald Kaphers

Jerald Kaphers

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The evening proved to be fun, touching and entertaining. A stimulated and energy-filled prologue set the tone for the evening, which was filled with crisp humor, talented acting and outstanding vocal work.

The series of skits, which varies in length, explored a wide range of issues and challenges generated by the natural process of moving through life. All were entertaining and well done; however, several really stood out due to topic and outstanding performances. Teresa Wilson, Steve Stoneking and Gordy Handeland were outstanding in the rather irreverent “Biological Clock” and Rebekah Sousa, Wilson, Stephanie Erdman, Jason Howland and Steve Stoneking were very entertaining in “A Trip to the Doctor.”

The set fit the varied performances well and the combination of props, lights and sound worked well. The music was provided by a talented four-piece orchestra composed of Deb Cooper, Mark Hanson, Barb Lang and Todd Peterson.

The production flowed well from skit to skit and at times was touching and provoking; however, it managed to find humor in every topic.

Overall, it was a fun, entertaining evening. The performances will run October 26, 27, 28 and 29.