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Guest Column: Vote for Congressman Walz

My Point of View by Robin Brown

Robin Brown is a member of the Freeborn County DFL Party.

I have to admit it has been difficult to turn away from all the political news this election cycle. I wake up at 5 a.m. with political news and go to bed listening to recaps of the day’s campaign events. I listen to channels that support my political view and channels on which I catch myself yelling at the commentators. Still, I do this for balance. I know my view is not the only view and I believe it is important to keep this in mind as I watch the news, read the papers, browse on line and speak with my family, friends and neighbors.

Robin Brown

Robin Brown

While reading through the Sunday papers last week, I came across an article in the Star Tribune. I was immediately drawn to the text which addressed our own congressman, Tim Walz. The essence of the article is that Congressman Walz is highly respected by his colleagues as a person who works well with all members of Congress. In fact, he was rated 4th of 538 members of Congress for working on legislation with members of both parties. That is 4th including both the House of Representatives and the Senate. He is well known for his ability see beyond party lines to do what’s best for the First Congressional District as well as the state of Minnesota.

As we come to the end of a two-term presidency in which the majority party’s one and only goal was to block all legislation proposed by our president, it’s good to hear that our congressman is known for his work across party lines. As we near the end of the most uncivil presidential campaign in my lifetime, Congressman Walz gives me great hope for our political future. His words and deeds are civil and full of truth, with thoughtful consideration for each of us–regardless of party affiliation.

And Congressman Walz cares about the issues that we all care about: safe roads, bridges, rail and ports; growing our economy, affordable housing and creating a future for our children. He supports our veterans, teachers, small businesses and hard working families, and he’s working across party lines to keep Minnesota strong. He understands that the First Congressional District supports a diverse economy which includes–but is not limited to–agriculture, health care, construction and service trades. He knows, listens to and respects the people whom he serves.

As one can probably tell, I’m proud of our congressman. Of who he is, what he believes and how he has served us in Congress. But Congressman Tim Walz is not just my congressman–he and his wife, Gwen, are my friends. I have known the Walzs for nearly 20 years. We were teachers at West High School in Mankato together, two of Joe’s and my children took classes with Tim and Gwen, and our oldest took a 10-day school field trip to China under Tim’s supervision. As a teacher, I got to know Tim as the caring professional that he is while, as a parent, I was able to observe education theory in action. He inspired my children, as I know he has inspired hundreds of other young adults as well.

So when I consider my vote for the First Congressional District, I will cast my vote without reservation to re-elect Congressman Tim Walz. I will do so out of respect for his ability to work across party lines and for his understanding and support of the issues that we all care about. I will vote for Congressman Walz because he values the communities in which we live, and he has immense insight stemming from his experience as a teacher. I will cast my vote for Tim Walz because he has a positive vision for Minnesota.

Tim Walz is my congressman and my friend. I hope you will vote for him, too.