King is honest, compassionate

Published 9:22 am Monday, October 24, 2016

Judge Pam King’s core value statement is: “The court system must support people, protect the public and preserve hope and dignity.”

In her investiture speech, she stated, “As a judge, I want to make sure that the community has confidence in the bench to assist them over the rough spots and move on past trouble to become stronger and productive. I truly believe this comes down to exercising discretion, not getting in the middle of the dispute itself and then carefully weighing the issues, applying the law and explaining the decision.”

Judge King has advocated for children, has been a voice for those who have no voice within the law. She has served on numerous professional and volunteer committees. She serves on the National Commission on Forensic Sciences and Federal Advisory Commission. She has written articles and given speeches throughout the state and country. Judge King brings to the court a strong knowledge base; however, the main reason to vote for her is that she is compassionate, honest, thoughtful and hardworking. Perhaps her greatest asset is her ability to listen carefully; develop a fair and just plan and explain her decision in layman’s terms for all to understand. She is also very approachable. I look forward to voting for Judge King and hope you will too. Look for her name on the back of your ballot.

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Ann Peterson