Physical abuse common in Syria

Published 9:27 am Friday, October 28, 2016

Please take a few moments to focus on what Syria was like after the United States invasion of Iraq, but before it descended into chaos.

It was a relatively tranquil oasis, but — and please note — physical abuse was common. Virtually everyone had been physically beaten — by their parents or their schoolteachers or the police. I was just reading about a lovely young Syrian woman whose parents had both been in political prison: her mother for 1 1/2 years and her father for 13 years, where he was tortured and locked in isolation. And so he came home and what did he do? He beat up his daughter. That was a common tale.

What struck me in my research was the Syrian Society was endemically violent even before it descended into chaos — the extreme chaos we’ve heard about in Syria and seen on TV. And the West, including Obama, is absolutely intent on importing thousands and thousands of Syrians into towns and cities throughout the U.S.? At least 65,000. How do we think this is going to turn out? In Third World countries like Syria, casual violence is common. What happens when these individuals are forcibly resettled — by the United Nations, State Department and religious social service organizations working together as they do (paid per head) — in significant numbers in towns and cities throughout our country? The whole situation will rip those towns and cities apart — and it’s happening already. Please say “no, not ever!”

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