Elect Dornink for Senate District 27

Published 9:55 am Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dan Sparks, 14-year incumbent, and Gene Dornink are running for a seat in the Minnesota state Senate. Dan claims to be the experienced candidate. Let’s look at his experience and compare it to Gene’s goals.

First, MNsure has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. This bill was created by Sparks’ Democratic Party. He said the Senate had ideas to fix it but couldn’t get any traction in the House. Dornink said they need to reform the program to avoid future losses. He reminds us that not one Republican vote was cast for this bill.

Second, Dan Sparks was not truthful about his votes. An example is the bonding bill on May 22. Sparks voted no in a voice vote, then standed later in support of the bill. Dornink accused the DFL of purposely killing the bill by adding the light rail provision. Dornink will support a one bill, one vote provision so that voters know where their representatives really stand.

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Third, Dan Sparks was for expanding sales tax on farm equipment. Dornink supports agriculture and agribusiness and will stand up for area farmers who continue to be overtaxed and overregulated.

I’ve listed just three of the many reasons why I think we should give the experienced incumbent a leave and let Gene Dornink represent District 27.

Katie Jacobsen

Albert Lea