Principals Corner: Much to be thankful for

Published 9:00 am Sunday, November 27, 2016

Principal’s Corner by Tonya Prouty

The first Thanksgiving is regarded as a celebration borne from a bountiful corn harvest in 1621, which resulted in the pilgrims inviting Native American friends to a feast.

It wasn’t until 1863, while the Civil War was at its height, that President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday.

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Today’s Thanksgiving celebrations often center around food, football, parades, family and travel. Whatever the traditions may be in your family, we can all find something to be thankful for.

Tonya Prouty

Tonya Prouty

Thanksgiving is a time of thoughtful reflection. Students and staff at the Area Learning Center took some time prior to the Thanksgiving break to reflect on the ALC program.

Area Learning Center staff is thankful for:

Students who come to school everyday, despite their challenges, and try their best.

Students who are willing to break barriers and challenge the status quo.

Student and teacher relationships that encourage student progress and resilience.

Flexibility to individualize student learning plans to provide educational opportunities for students.

Self-paced learning gives students the opportunity to own the learning and take responsibility.

Colleagues who support each other and work as a team while incorporating laughter every day.

Staff who are willing to problem solve and think outside the box.

Riverland campus where students are immersed in an adult learning culture.

The Area Learning Center has remarkable students. They, too, are thankful for the program and the opportunities it has given them.

Chloe Larson stated she was thankful for the ability to work one on one with teachers and at her own pace. She is also very thankful for the flexibility in her schedule.

Rheanna Beighley proclaimed that hands-on teachers who are welcoming and loving is what she is most thankful for.

“Using Chromebooks and web-based curriculum to learn is a major plus for me,” grinned Dominic Modderman.

Tonya Prouty is the principal of the Albert Lea Area Learning Center.