Schindler bright and energetic

Published 9:50 am Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Two years ago it was astounding to discover the hyper-capacity of locals for such shameful ingratitude toward Shannon Savick in the Minnesota House of Representatives for her brilliant and positive service to this small town and the region.

She is a woman with an academic background in mathematics and physics, holding a master’s degree in business administration and many years in management in high-tech industries and some in government before her service in St. Paul. She is clearly of fine intellect and brilliant service, bringing to this immediate area millions of dollars, thereby serving everyone. Of all things, locals supported Peggy, a first-grade teacher, whose only experience in politics was her enjoying church activities. Peggy is aligned with the “Christian” cult of Trump and is a warrior for the Koch Brothers and Kronies Korporation. Look, see. See Peggy run. See Peggy bring nothing to Albert Lea as she has to date. See Peggy run. Look, see. Local folks can thank these same locals as small-minded people making a small town ever smaller as it loses more of the quick of Albert Lea to gain mainly on the dead interred in local cemeteries constituting the only increase in local population and providing employment opportunities primarily for grave-diggers.

Like Shannon Savick, Gary Schindler is a very bright and energetic person who will certainly help this town and the region along with keeping Minnesota within the top two or three states nationally in economic performance as it has been restored over the recent years with such fine leadership thanks to Minnesota’s Democratic leadership.

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Rick Mammel

Albert Lea