Spotlight is on Mrs. Miller’s 5th-grade class

Published 9:00 am Sunday, November 20, 2016

Fifth-graders in Ms. Miller’s classroom are engaged in plant science, and  — according to meteorologist Belinda Jensen — this is the longest growing season in Minnesota history, so a timely lesson it is.

Students are studying how temperature affects plant growth and — in particular — seed germination. A few students were interviewed to explain their experiment.

Question: What kind of seeds are you growing and what have you discovered?

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Prenav and Paige: We are growing pinto beans. We are growing some beans in damp paper towels at room temperature and some in the refrigerator. By day five the beans at room temperature have started to germinate. The beans in the refrigerator have cracked open.

Mike and Ayannah: We put six basil seeds in a wet paper towel and placed them in a cup. One cup went in the refrigerator and one has stayed at room temperature. The basil seeds are really small, like the tip of a pen or even smaller. Right now, all of the basil seeds have a sticky, white coating around them. We will continue to observe them to see if they germinate.

For Ms. Miller’s fifth-graders — no matter the season — it’s all about engaging, learning and growing at Hawthorne Elementary Scool.