Students will put work into an e-portfolio

Published 9:00 am Sunday, November 13, 2016

Third-grade students in Ms. Kyllo’s room will have a unique opportunity at the end of the year: the ability to download their year’s work in an e-portfolio. Kyllo wrote a grant application to the Albert Lea Education Foundation for SeeSaw stations — Chromebooks and document cameras — in which students can share their learning by creating a video, photo, text, drawing, uploaded files and links. What students share is posted to a class page where students can view, like and comments on each other’s work. Parents can also connect to their student’s posts to comment and like, as well.

Students can now put their schoolwork into an e-portfolio. - Provided

Students can now put their schoolwork into an e-portfolio. – Provided

“It’s a great way to not only share what students are learning with others, but it is also a digital record of their learning,” Kyllo said. “It makes it easy to show students how far they have come and their growth throughout the school year.”

Students can post explanations of how they solved a math problem, write and pose a problem for other students (and parents) to solve, read a book aloud to share their fluency, make a drawing to show a scientific process and share their response to a passage or video, among others.

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“The students really enjoy having the ownership over their learning and how the choose to hare it,” Kyllo said. “They get really excited when they see they have comments from classmates, myself or their parents.”