Union Pacific to remove remaining liquid petroleum from derailed train cars

Published 8:24 am Saturday, November 12, 2016

ELLENDALE — Union Pacific officials said Friday evening they plan to remove remaining liquid petroleum on Saturday from two rail cars that were part of the train derailment south of Ellendale.

No additional evacuations are expected during the process, though the company warned residents and nearby motorists that they may see an approximately 20-foot tall flame near the incident area for several hours, according to a news release.

The flame and product release are being controlled by Union Pacific hazmat teams, hazardous materials contractors and air monitoring experts.

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The company said most of the petroleum has been cleared from the single punctured car; however, there is a second derailed car containing the chemical and due to its location in the derailment site, it is unclear if it is also leaking.

Union Pacific, in coordination with local first responders, plans to remove the remaining liquid petroleum from the two cars using a vent and burn method. The liquid will be released into a contained pit and then burned.

The process was expected to begin early Saturday.