Vote for the Republicans

Published 10:06 am Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Why am I voting for the team of Peggy Bennett, Gene Dornink, and Jim Hagedorn? I remember what happened when the last time liberal Democrats controlled the state and federal government. Taxes were raised and Obamacare and MNsure were forced on the public. Walz cast one of the deciding votes giving us Obamacare and supported all the unilateral changes that King Obama made in the plan as they realized it was a failure. Walz claimed to be a watchdog for veterans, but all he did is watch as problems were found and then covered up by transfers rather than removal of people found to have lied about care.

State Sen. Dan Sparks gave us higher taxes and MNsure, our failing health care plan. He also gave us warehouse taxes and sales tax on farm equipment repairs, taxes that created jobs in Iowa not Minnesota.

Republicans like Peggy Bennett forced them to repeal these taxes, but they had already done their damage in our area. I encourage you to vote for Peggy Bennett, Gene Dornink and Jim Hagedorn, a team that will work for southern Minnesota, not for metro and East and West Coast liberal supporters.

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John Forman

Albert Lea