Albert Lea Anytime Fitness wins national quarterly award

Published 9:14 am Monday, December 5, 2016

Out of over 3,000 locations, Bill and Shawn Bromeland, owners of Anytime Fitness of Albert Lea, have won the quarterly national PLEASE trophy. PLEASE is a standard that Anytime Fitness corporate headquarters uses to rate the services of individual franchisees.  The PLEASE score is based on member reviews in the following standards: Personal care, listening, empathy, anticipate, sense of urgency and encouragement.

According to a news release, the winners made a change in their personal lives that led to major changes in their club.

Shawn Bromeland said when they first purchased their Anytime Fitness club in 2013, they were scared and second-guessing every move they made, and it resulted in them not being in a place where they were fully committed to their members or their club.

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They realized that they needed to take care of themselves first so they could pay it forward with their members, and that’s exactly what they did.

“The gym is an aspect of our lives, not our whole life, and until we found that balance, we couldn’t bring our best,” Bill Bromeland said. “Work must stay at work, that’s our new motto.”

Their club has become their community, a place where they go for support and motivation. Shawn Bromeland said, “Our members have become our rock; they motivate us to be better.”