Albert Lea High School standout student

Published 9:00 am Sunday, January 29, 2017

Paige Thompson

Age: 16

Parents: Tony and Kathy Thompson

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Where are you from?


If from Albert Lea, which elementary school did you attend?

Glenville Elementary.

Favorite teacher of all time and why?

Mr. Dustin Olson. He was a good teacher and had a great sense of humor. (Eighth-grade science).

Favorite book/author:

“Crank” by Ellen Hopkins.

Current/past activities, volunteer work and accomplishments:

I’ve been in dance longer than I’ve been in school. Work at Herberger’s. Worked at ALHS office as a student worker. Volunteered in the Halverson library.

What do you want to do after high school?

Start pre-med (U of M Twin Cities), continue through med school and become a cardiovascular surgeon.

What advice would you give to younger students in Albert Lea?

Your opinion is important, speak your mind. Drama is a waste of your time. Don’t be dumb enough to end up in the office/CRC all day. Don’t spend your whole existence on school, but graduating with good grades is actually an important thing! Don’t worry about what anyone else says or thinks. Real friends don’t care about rumors spread about you.