Letter: Is it too late to change focus?

Published 9:09 am Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Again, the much maligned press has handed the Trumpeters a get-out-of-jail-free card. Attributing the title of press conference to the well-orchestrated campaign event of Jan. 11 allows future such charades to substitute for the public demand for disclosure. We will be subjected to repeated assurances that it will be beautiful — so very beautiful — you won’t believe how incredibly beautiful it will be. Go to sleep, babes, and let daddy Donald take care of things. When you wake up and find out how ugly it is, he will laugh at you and remind you he told you how incredible your expectations were.

Trump takes his place in a long line of American snake oil salesmen, Bible thumpers, grifters and corporate fraudsters. That he won his office is the result of a two-party political system dominated by a moneyed elite, driven by fear and greed, and, attributing such selfishness to John and Jane Doe, they have created the hungry, unthinking masses they fear. We can’t fault Trumpeters for their choice given the alternatives. Is it too late for us to change our focus to building a more equitable society and to creating a political movement immunized against the bureaucratic empire building that makes officials place self-aggrandizement ahead of public service?

John Gibson

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