Letter: Keep focused on improving lakes

Published 9:07 am Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Our community is one that takes pride in enhancing and improving our surroundings. Albert Lea has a history of valuing a good life for residents and visitors alike. In November 2016, the community had the chance to speak up on how important our surroundings and our lakes are to our future. These community voices were certainly heard loud and clear. Our lakes and our ability to sustain them are vitally important. Nearly 72 percent of residents are prepared to do what it takes to improve water quality in our area waterways. The Lakes Foundation of Albert Lea would like to take a moment to thank each and every community member for making their voices heard. Local measures are evermore important to the daily life of Albert Lea’s citizens. Thank you for sharing your thoughts during the public events and meetings while also sharing the dialogue with your friends and neighbors. The effort to save these natural waters and improve the water we are sending onward shall continue into the future. With the partnerships of community members, leaders, volunteers, experts and crucial organizations, Albert Lea can continue to pioneer new strategies for our prairie waters here, and possibly throughout Minnesota. Shallow lakes are of critical importance to all walks of life. It is important that we keep our hearts and minds focused on preserving and improving them.

Thank you, Albert Lea!

Laura Cunningham

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Lakes Foundation of Albert Lea