Letter: What are Trump’s odds of success?

Published 9:10 am Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Did you watch the news this weekend? There were millions of people marching in protest all over the world, not just in the U.S., to give Trump a hint that they didn’t agree in what he is doing. He has surrounded himself with billionaires in his cabinet. He has proposed to reduce the filthy rich’s taxes by a huge amount. Trump says he is going to mess with the health care that Planned Parenthood and the average Joe has enjoyed. I have said that Trump is going to self destruct.

If you want a good example, put in odds about Trump in Vegas in Google on your computer. Vegas is giving Trump four-to-one odds that he will not last six months. When you have people putting their money where their mouths are is when you should listen. You also have politicians in the Republican Party who want to impeach Trump. This has never happened before when people in their own party ask for impeachment.

Trump still blames the media for giving him bad reviews. Trump should thank the media for putting him to where he is today. When he first announced he was running for president he had off-the-cuff one liners. The media reported all of them because they were newsworthy. Weak-minded people were amused by his antics. They started backing him and haven’t changed their minds since. They like the entertainment. When those 20 Republicans were debating, the Republican Party made Trump sign an agreement that he would back whoever became the Republican candidate who ran for president. It is too bad if he would have ran as an Independent, Hillary would have won. It was all those Republican voters who would vote for a pig if you put a sign in front of it saying Republican and those Trump supporters together who voted for Trump.   

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Let’s try and remember how good we have it now because it is not going to last. Maybe make a list of things as they are now. We don’t hear of body bags coming home from across the big pond. Almost zero inflation. Lowest unemployment in years. The stock market is at record high. Land is at record high. Lowest interest rate at banks in years. We have near $2 a gallon gas. The average Joe enjoys affordable health care. Either cut out this comment or make a list of how good it is now and check back in two years and see how good you had it. I hope I have to admit I am wrong but then so will Las Vegas.

There are Trump supporters who put their letter to the editor in the paper now, but in two years if you will ask them who did they vote for, they will tell you it is none of your business.   They will be to ashamed to tell you. I will still be able to brag I didn’t vote for Trump.

Wayne Thorson

Albert Lea