Letter: World will be safer under Trump

Published 9:00 am Sunday, January 22, 2017

Thank you President Obama! For you and you alone have given America what just may be her greatest gift in the last 100 years. The rise of Donald Trump to president of the United States will become your greatest legacy.

I pray that I am right, for I feel the American citizen now has a great shining light in the White House. After many decades waiting silently in the wilderness, the average American citizen’s voice has been heard. Without doubt there will be determined attempts, not only by liberals but entrenched conservatives to dim this shining light. The media will do its best to destroy him.

“We the people” were the guiding power behind of the rise of Donald Trump. The first major battle has been won, and contrary to the efforts of many, we have just seen a peaceful transfer of power, a large part of what makes America great.

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I am well aware that President Trump does not fit any prescribed mold. He is neither a liberal nor a true conservative. He is, in fact, a true populist.

“A man of the people.” Perhaps, he is in reality a third party candidate who ran as a Republican.

There will be many bloody battles to come, and the Washington elite will fight tooth and nail to retain their power. “We the people” must have President Trump’s back every foot of the way, standing tall and resolute. We must pressure Congress, liberal and conservative alike, to give this man with his bold ideas the chance to “make America great again.”

America has never been more divided in my lifetime, than in the last eight years. Perhaps this was President Obama’s fault, for he could have done far more to heal the divide, but he did nothing. However, Obama alone did not create this divide. The fault lies at the feet of the Washington  establishment, who have been far more concerned with the preservation of their personal power and wealth than the welfare of America and the individual citizens of this great country. There is nowhere this is more obvious than the plight of the poor in the centers of many of our great cities.

After WWII, the American citizen rebuilt the war-ravaged world and we asked for nothing in return. In the past 60 years, we have watched silently as “one-world” supporters dismembered the framework of America one timber at a time. Today America is an impotent, hollow, rusty shell of its former self, and a country divided against itself. Perhaps President Trump can devise a Marshal Plan to rebuild the centers of our great cities.

This is very likely America’s last chance to regain some of its former glory.

There is no doubt in my mind that the world will be a safer, more stable, peaceful and wealthy place with a strong and compassionate America under the leadership of President Trump.

May God bless Donald J. Trump.

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea