Medallion hunt starts with first clue

Published 7:59 am Monday, January 30, 2017

The Albert Lea – Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce has announced its eighth annual Big Freeze medallion hunt. The medallion is a buildup to the Big Freeze scheduled for Saturday.

Medallion clues will begin today and will continue daily through Friday, or until the medallion is found. The lucky person who finds the medallion will receive $300 in Chamber Bucks.

All clues will be published daily in the Albert Lea Tribune online and in print.

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The Big Freeze events will be at the Edgewater Bay pavilion. For more information on the scheduled events, visit the Big Freeze website at or call the Chamber of Commerce at 507-373-3938 or the Albert Lea Convention and Visitors Bureau at 507-373-2316.

Today’s clue:

“Its Big Freeze time in Albert Lea.

The medallion lies hidden but not in a tree.

It lies in a park,

Somewhere in town

Can’t find it from this?

Please don’t wear a frown,

Stay fired up and

You might seize the crown.”