Steele County District Courthouse temp. closed with broken pipes

Published 9:24 am Thursday, January 19, 2017

Steele County District Courthouse has been closed due to a broken water pipe.

During the courthouse closure, Steele County District Court’s primary location will be at Owatonna Fire Hall, t 107 West Main St., Owatonna, MN 55060.

According to a press release, the customer service counter is on the first floor of the fire hall and the main phone number for court administration is (507) 444-7701. The fire hall will also house Courtroom A on the first floor and Courtroom B on the third floor.

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Space is extremely limited at the fire hall and no confidential conference rooms are available for use.

There are public restrooms available, as well as an elevator.

Parking is still available in the parking lot at the closed courthouse at 111 East Main St. in Owatonna. Parking is not available in front of the fire hall entrance where there is a yellow curb or in front of the fire station garage.

All persons who enter the fire hall for court business are subject to security searches.

Until further notice, all in custody hearings for criminal case defendants will be at the Steele County Adult Detention Center, 2500 Alexander St. SW in Owatonna. The temporary courtroom there has been designated as Courtroom D.

Also until further notice, jury trials and most child support magistrate hearings will be at the Steele County Boardroom, 630 Florence Ave., which has been designated as Courtroom C.

According to a press release, eFiling and eService have not been impacted by the closure, but filers may see a delay in eFiled documents being accepted by court staff.

Customers paying a citation case are encouraged to use the pay by web or phone options. See for more information. Other payments can be made by mailing a check or cashier’s check to the 107 West Main St. address.

Court staff will continue to make court calendar adjustments for the immediate future, and will notify parties of all scheduling changes as soon as possible.

Updates regarding the closure of the courthouse are available at