Biometric screening speeds check-in at airport

Published 8:55 am Wednesday, February 22, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS — Travelers who are willing to pay the price will be able to skip the long security checkpoints at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and go directly to the metal detector line.

A service that uses biometrics to verify identity will be offered beginning Wednesday at both the north and south checkpoints in Terminal 1. For $179 a year, travelers can check in with the swipe of a finger or retinal scan.

According to a press release, the New York company Clear has signed a two-year contract with the Metropolitan Airports Commission to offer the service. It competes with TSA PreCheck, the government program that charges $85 for five years. PreCheck subscribers pass through special lanes, but do have to wait for an agent to check their ID.

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Enrollment for Clear is done at the airport with proper ID.