Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

Published 9:00 am Sunday, February 19, 2017

To the Albert Lea Economic Development Agency.thumb.up

Kudos to the Albert Lea Economic Development Agency staff who worked on more than 50 economic development-related projects in 2016.

Of those projects, 28 percent of them moved forward and ultimately helped grow the city’s tax base by 3 percent.

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We recognize the hard work and long hours that go into meeting with businesses looking to come to Albert Lea — often on little notice — and we appreciate all the efforts being made.

To Youth for Christ’s The Rock.thumb.up

These days, children are faced with many obstacles, whether it’s school, peer pressure or other issues. Amid all these concerns, we’re grateful there are organizations such as Youth for Christ in Albert Lea to help give a place for student’s to come after school.

Youth for Christ’s The Rock provides not only food and programming but also spiritual guidance and mentoring.

Children can also learn about relationship health and moral choices, academic well-being and learning how to work and handle money.

We were impressed to hear the number of children who were served through the programs. About 1,200 youth attended a program in the last year and 4,000 meals were served during the 2015-16 school year.

Thanks to all who are involved in this ministry and giving children a safe place to go where they can learn many valuable life skills.

To a workforce housing tax bill introduced in the Legislature.thumb.up

We hear it time and time again from officials in Albert Lea and all over southern Minnesota of the challenge of encouraging developers to support the construction of middle-income housing in Greater Minnesota.

A new bill introduced in the Legislature would create a 40 percent tax credit as an incentive to encourage that activity. Tax credits help close the gap between the cost of building a development and what a developer may be willing to spend.

We encourage our local legislators, as well as others statewide, to support this effort.

To reports of puppy scams received by the Albert Lea Police Department.thumb.down

The Albert Lea Police Department shared information Friday about a new scam seen in the area.

In the scam, a person will find a puppy for sale online out of the area, and the seller offers to ship the puppy for free. The seller takes the initial payment, usually by money transfer, before the seller reports that there was some kind of a problem. Many of the reported problems involve an issue with the shipment such as additional insurance costs, quarantine costs  or other fees. The seller asks for additional money to be sent before the puppy arrives.

At the end of the day, no puppy arrives and the people are out of the money they sent to the supposed seller.

We encourage people to stay vigilant about who they send their money to. It’s unfortunate that this is how we have to live, but that is how it seems in this day and age.