Hazmat team cleaning up mercury spill in New Ulm

Published 9:56 am Thursday, February 9, 2017

NEW ULM — A hazardous materials team is cleaning up a mercury spill in New Ulm.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency said the spill was reported Tuesday. A waste hauler had noticed the mercury spill in a dumpster and alerted authorities.

Authorities believe the property owner removed about two gallons of mercury from a garage and disposed of it in the trash. About one gallon spilled in the dumpster.

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The mercury is believed to be isolated to the dumpster, alley and garbage truck where the mercury was found. Authorities believe there is no risk to the public but are asking people to avoid the area as the spill is cleaned up.

Mercury vapors are toxic to the nervous system. But cold temperatures are preventing the mercury outside from vaporizing.