Letter: Is this really what you believe in?

Published 9:00 am Sunday, February 19, 2017

I recently read Don Sorensen’s letter to the editor. He has chosen to stoop low — just like his buddy Donald Trump has; describing people as “2- year-olds,” etc. I’m not going to do that. I’m disappointed that people are continuing to engage in namecalling. Is that what America is all about? However, I must ask, Don are you OK? Many experts worry about Trump’s mental health status, fearing that he has mental health issues based on the way he has conducted business and treated people. If you admire Trump and his tactics, then you are in the same mentality as him. That I find to be sad and hope is not the case.

Let’s take a look at what Trump is doing for starters.  He is reversing protection of our streams allowing coal companies to pollute them with no consequences. Would you like it if a packing company had rebuilt, and they went back to the old ways of dumping into Albert Lea Lake?

He has reversed protection for consumers when it comes to Wall Street and the banks and when it comes to protection from fraud and more. Oh boy, doesn’t that bring back memories?

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Trump communicates so freely that much of it can be hacked and used against us.  Clinton’s emails were a minor event compared to what Trump is doing. Bush, by the way, deleted more emails, and nothing was said. Always different when it happens to the DFL, but it’s OK when a Republican does it.

Clinton was raked over the coals forever on the Benghazi attack. After spending $6 million and repeated interviews — no wrong doing was found. Yet Trump on his first raid was a complete disaster, and everyone higher up admits it was poorly put together. Why don’t we hear about it? Oh yea, he is a Republican and its OK for him to work out a raid over dinner with his son-in-law and one of his advisers. Where is the intelligence in all this?

Trump has signed off allowing to drill for fossil fuels in 37 national parks. Can you imagine canoeing by an oil rig in one of the parks?

Trump doesn’t like to read and he says reading is a waste of time, so he doesn’t read the briefings like he should. He is our president? I’d be curious to hear from anyone, especially a teacher who doesn’t believe in reading. Rep. Bennett supports Trump as well, so perhaps she sides with him on this, too. I don’t know.

I feel sorry for the school boards in the future. He is going to make it extremely tough for public schools to survive.  That is going to lead to more crime. Well, that means Trump will have more money for private prisons, which I strongly do not support. They end up costing us more money.

So, Don, I’m running out of words to submit this. But the above is only starters. Is this what you believe in? By the way, Don, Clinton had more votes than Trump did.

Paul Tuveson