Grant report for F.C. Community Foundation: Albert Lea Family Y

Published 10:19 am Thursday, March 16, 2017

Organization: Albert Lea Family Y

Project: The Albert Lea Family Y is able to use the Kenneth W. Olson funds for financial assistance for families in three specific areas.

The first area is $6,000 being used in middle school programming and activities. The Y runs the programs and activities at no cost to participants.

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The second area is $6,000 put in the Youth Fund Drive and spent on sliding fee/financial assistance positively impacting youth and families.

Qualifying individuals are given scholarships of $25 to $35 per month to help cover their membership fees for six months. In order to remain eligible they must come to the Y at least eight times per month.

The third area is fifth-grade memberships; $3,000 is used to assist with this program. MBT Bank sponsors this program as well to make the program possible.

Report: The use of these dollars allows the Y to ensure that no families are denied membership or access to programs due to inability to pay.

According to a press release, the help of the Kenneth W. Olson fund is an invaluable asset to allow the Y to continue outreach to the Freeborn County area. Loss of these dollars would negatively impact the organization’s opportunity to serve all youth and families within the county.