Grant report for Freeborn County Community Foundation: Adult Basic Education

Published 9:32 am Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Penny Jahnke of Albert Lea Adult Basic Education accepts a grant on the organization‘s behalf from Leann Dulitz of the Freeborn County Community Foundation. -Provided

Organization: Adult Basic Education

Project: Expand General Education Development and English Language Learner classes at the Freeborn County Detention Center.

Report: Education is not only vital for these inmates  and their families, but also for the community. Research has shown that inmates who complete an education program while incarcerated have a much lower recidivism rate and are also much more likely to find employment.

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The support will allow many people to have a second chance.

As one inmate said to a teacher when he received his GED, “You are the first person who believed in me.”