Lake Mills Motor Sports focuses on customers

Published 9:12 pm Wednesday, April 26, 2017

LAKE MILLS — When it comes to equipment, parts, service or sales, Lake Mills Motor Sports aims to be a one-stop shop for area recreational vehicle enthusiasts.

“We’re kind of a small, local company that treats customers the way they should be treated,” store manager and co-owner Matt Hauan said.

The reason is simple.

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“Return customers are huge for us,” he said. “They’re what keeps us going.”

As a result, his company focuses on covering the needs of its customers.

The store carries a variety of motorsports equipment as well, including Klein, FXR, 509 and some Castle lines of jackets and helmets and what it doesn’t have in stock can typically be ordered within a few days.

The same can be said about the parts department. Most parts are kept on hand so the business’ service department can ensure that customers get their vehicles back as soon as possible. Hauan said this is crucial as many of the vehicles they service are used as work vehicles on area farms.

Lake Mills Motor Sports carries an array of jackets and helmets from companies, including FXR. – Kelly Wassenberg/Albert Lea Tribune

Whether it’s used for business or pleasure, all serviced vehicles are kept in the shop or store inside or undercover — just like the new and used vehicles they sell — to prevent sun fading and wear and tear from the elements.

“We pride ourselves on customer service — taking care of our customers, taking care of the stuff we sell,” Hauan said.

The company sells everything from lawn mowers, snowmobiles, three- and four-wheelers, electric cars and the Polaris Ranger, which is one of the biggest sellers.

Rangers differ from typical ATVs, which require the operator to straddle the unit to drive it. To operate a Ranger, drivers need only slide in, and the vehicles can be outfitted with everything from doors, windshields, roofs, heaters and basically anything else that can be found on a typical vehicle allowing them to be driven on city streets.

The Ranger is one of the vehicles displayed in the Lake Mills Motor Sports showroom at 45563 U.S. Highway 69 in Lake Mills. Its location, which is about a mile outside of the city limits of Lake Mills, gives customers the ability to test drive vehicles they are interested in purchasing without having to compete with in-town traffic.

To learn more about Lake Mills Motor Sports, call 641-592-2145 or visit